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Beavis and Butthead watch Mysterious Ways

Butthead: "Bono can be cool sometimes"
Beavis: "because he has a cool name"
Butthead: "i bet when his dad was at pta meetings at school, the teacher would say 'your boy sure does sing well', and his dad would say, 'that's my Boner' "
Butthead: "you know who has a crap name? ... The Edge"
Beavis: "yeah, that's stupid"

watching a vh1 show, 'VH1 raids the MTV vaults', and over here in euroland, Bono came 6th in the VH1's 100 most important men of music, Elvis 3rd, Lennon 2nd, and sadly, Robbie Williams 1st, which kinda belittles the whole thing, but hey, Bono @ 6th aint too bad.
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