Nicstar (nicstaru2) wrote in u2,

kids and U2

I came back from my morning break today to find one of my little boys banging on the upturned slide, banging out a beat. Deb started laughing and said "Josh tell Nic what you're doing."

"I'm playing drums"

"Who for Josh, tell Nic"

"I'm playing drums with U2".

Okay those who know me might think thats my influence there.... BUT ITS NOT! Last year the kids knew all about U2, but I don't know this bunch of kids parents as well as I knew last years parents, so I don't know if they would be cool about U2 talk with their littlies, so have refrained. Especially this particular little boy, a sensitive soul, all our efforts have been in bringing him out of his shell some.

I laughed and said "who likes U2 Josh? Who listens to U2?"

He looked at me, shrugged and said "well....the whole family does".

Deb then went on to say how he had come out with that himself. He had been banging away and suddenly said "I'm going to play drums with U2 and Bono when I am older". And of course all the staff laughed and thought it was my influence. But it surely isn't! I asked Josh then what colour hair Bono had, expecting him to say he didn't know what Bono looked like and he said "well I was looking through the U2 book this morning, and I looked at Bono and he has black hair". I asked him what his favourite U2 song was. "Oh definitely the Beautiful Day one, its the fastest, I love that one".

How cool is that.
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