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So here's my selection for U2's Top Ten Classic Live Songs

Ok here's my top 10.
I've sat up for almost 4 hours thinking/pulling my hair out over this, Good
job its my day off so I can get some sleep! :)
So if some of this don't make sense then its because I've been up since
yesterday :)

1. Where the Streets Have No Name

Classic performance: 23rd September 1997, Sarajevo

I was going to pick the 6/6/01 version, but will go for this one instead. An
emotionally charged version. Bono with no voice giving it all he has got for
this song. Having got this version on VHS I can say it looks as good as it
Mention also to PopMart Santiago which is also quite stunning to watch.

2. The Electric Co.

Classic performance: June 5th 1983, Red Rocks

This could easily be my #1 choice, The only thing is I don't have this on
VHS as it wasn't put on the UK Red Rocks video release :( I do have several
other versions on VHS but are not are not as good as the Red Rocks version.
Never understood why the band preferred the German Festival version which
for me is a weaker version.
This just really rocks and is played perfectly, the extended outro is what
makes this version stand out for me.
A mention also goes to 31/7/82, Gateshead.

3. Bad

Classic performance: July 13th 1985, Wembley Stadium

The 15 mins that set U2 onto the road that the band are still currently on.
The drama of this version just sums 1980's U2 up for me.
I still get Goosebumps watching it again & again.
Also a mention goes to 17/5/86 (SelfAid) & 7/11/84, Glasgow

4. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Classic performance: August 20th 1997, Hannover

A song that isn't regarded by many as a classic live U2 tune I believe. But
with it being my fave U2 track I've always enjoyed its live version through
the 90's, I'm not a fan of the 80's JT/LT tour versions.
The version in question at the intro Bono sings a snippet of "Neon Lights"
then the band deliver a stormer of this classic U2 tune. A tune that is
usually played at its best in cities the band don't play very often. Bono
singing the song with allot of emotion. Santiago, Sarajevo, Capetown to name
a few.
Mention goes to 14/10/92, Houston. The band are soo out of synch all the way
thro the song but it sounds brilliant oddly enough.

5. Out of Control

Classic performance: August 22th 2001, London

The "79 rap" making this version in question stand out for me, many of you
will have heard it as the Bono did that at many cities.
An early live staple which always stood out for me, tho the later 80's
versions were not as strong for me. The dozen or so years rest the song got
did the song allot of good, the band really nailed it on Elevation.

6. Gone

Classic performance: June 6th 2001, Boston

Or was it June 5th? ;) Whatever the date, the version that appears on the
Boston DVD shows U2 can rock!
This song being one of the highlights of the last 2 tours for me.

7. One

Classic performance: December 2nd 1997, Mexico City

For Michael Hutchence , a version which still has me in tears along with
Very emotional, Bono said in Q that PopMart Mexico City was the best thing
U2 had done upto that point. I can't disagree with him there.

8. With or Without You

Classic performance: August 14th 1993, Leeds

Again another classic U2 concert, this one being extra special as Mac is on
top form :)

9 Even Better than the Real Thing

Classic performance: August 28th 1997, Leeds

Its that intro that does it for me!
I could have picked many versions from POPMART. I choose this one because of
Bono's speech over the intro in which he gives out a message to the late
George Harrison. The band go on to deliver a real venomous hard hitting
version for George :)
Seattle PopMart, Barcelona PopMart & Manray among many others.

10. Pride

Classic performance: December 2nd 1997, Mexico City

I wasn't sure about putting Pride in my top 10 mainly because I thought the
Elevation was not as half as good as the PopMart version.
Larry's intro doing it for me this time. along with the vocal crowd almost
out-doing Bono.

So that's my top 10, tracks that just missed out on a place in my top 10..
Please, Running to Stand Still, Angel of Harlem & Discothèque.
Now time to put all these CD's back into there places again in the racks.
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