Heretical Prophet (u2biscuit) wrote in u2,
Heretical Prophet

Bono up close and personal

This question is mostly for the women on the list, but men might experience the same thing, so all comments are welcome. First, a brief story:

The one time I had GA tickets during Elevation, myself and a female friend (and fellow U2 nut) were to the left of the tip of the heart two rows back on the outside of the heart. When Bono and Edge did their bullfighting thing during Until the End of the World, they were right in front of us. Anyway, for both my friend and I, it was as close as we had ever been to Bono and my friend just FLIPPED! She was screaming at a pitch only dogs could hear and was grabbing my arm and practically pulling it out of its socket. Afterwards she was surprised she had gotten so carried away. Being so close to Bono just made her mad (temporarily).

Now my question:

Has anybody met/been near Bono and had this reaction? Not just been amazed to see him up close, but gone so crazy that afterward you thought "what the hell was that?!" What do you think causes that reaction?

He was just as close to me, but I just thought "gee, he's really short!!" Don't get me wrong, I adore U2 like nothing else, but I don't have that I'm-in-the-presence-of-greatness feeling around them, more of a quiet appreciation and admiration.

Any thoughts welcome.
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