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NYC Spider-Man Review (sorry it took a month to write it)

Getting to the New Yorker hotel around 10am was nice. I got to my room nice and early to unpack and then start on my first day of reexploring the city after being gone for almost 3 years. Got unpacked and went back outside in the dealthy cold new york air. I was on count down for Spiderman Turn off the Dark. It was so cold that my hands were in pain. I walked up to times square first. With a big smile on my face getting closer and closer to it. The cold air did not stop me. As I reached times square I saw all ther lights and it was such a wonderful site. Went to the Disney Store (not as nice as disney world!) Went to toys r us! I want to be a toys r us kid!!!!! I just walked all over times square. I stopped into starbucks to get something warm and while standing inline this cop was enjoying him self because frank sinatra was on and he said i feel better now. Only in NY! See I had forgotten my journal this time so I could not write things in detail but the details i want to try to remember to write about is my Spider-Man show.....

630pm - I had gotten to the theater to see if this show was still going on for the night and the guy said YES. I said thats great! So I just waited online till 730pm. While waiting online (I was the second person online) I was getting psyched up because all the people walked by and all I could hear was the show is all sold out! The standby ticket line was much more packed then my side at this point. The clock was moving so slow for this event! I had waited years for this one little event to happen! If this show had opened up last year it would have been 2009's Christmas gift from my mom. But as we know previews were cancled. Then during 2010 previews were going to be in the summer then cancled again. In Sept on GMA Reeve Carny and his band had a preview for "Boy Falls From The Sky" November came around and previews started. Alot of mixed reviews, good press, bad press. Would I ever get to see this show? All that back story for this one show! As I waited to go inside someone walked up and down the line with a spider-man press card on his neck then he came up to me and ask me a question about how did i hear about this show? if i was a spider-man fan or a u2 fan. Well if after the show I would like to join in a question session after the show to see what we really thought of this show (since it is in Previews till March) I said YES!!!! What a cool bonus! The time was 7:30pm the doors were opened. So I walked in showed them my ticket and I looked in the store. (having a shirt on i did not need one since that was a part of my Xmas gift) I picked up the poster, the mouse pad and the throw blanket for those cold nights. Walking up the stairs one of the girls that worked there saw me and I told her I can not wait she said what seat do i have so she checked my ticket she then said YOU HAVE A GREAT SEAT! It was time to go inside. My seat was first row of the flying circle! I took a photo of the view from my seat
Spoilers though out review!
(Now i am going to do my best to try to remember and review this show, i would do better if i could listen to some music from the show so it would all come back to me!)
So the lights go down and you hear police sirons in the distanse. The opening chords for Boy Falls....(which is Spider-mans theme in this musical so you will hear that theme though out the show) and hear and see Mary Jane screaming she is trapped on rope and will fall to her death. Then we see Spiderman run in slow motion (the croud cheers) and dives down to save her! The stage goes black.

Then the stage lights up with a backdrop of spiderman comics and 4 comic geeks come onto the stage to write and talk more about spider-man and the myth of spiders. We then meet a new person to the Spider-man myth her name is Arachne. The song was great but the visuals were even more amazing. It was watching something in 3D without the glasses. You were just so taken in by the lyrics of the song and what the visuals were at the same time. After we see Arachne turn into a spider "queen"

the comic kids come back onto stage and talk more about spiderman and how it all began - Now its the Orgin Story of how Peter Parker became Spider-man.. The next song is called "Bullying by Numbers" I did not find it to be that great. What made it have a good moment was how it was choreographed. "No More" was a duet with Peter and Mary about home life and the struggles they both go though. The next scene in the show was the trip to the lab where Peter gets bit by the spider. (Now I will admit alot of Act 1 feels like they went by the book and from the movie which i feel was not really needed.) the song in this scene was called "D.I.Y. World" From what i do remember of the song it was good.The geek narrators, who have been watching all of this unfold, argue about why Peter was chosen to be bitten by the spider The song called "Bouncing off the Walls" the visuals were amazing. Have you seen that musical number where fred astaire is dancing on the ceiling? Well this was just like that! The next song "Rise Above" I somewhat remember but sad to say not really but it was a good song though. This is where the comic book nerds play along with the orgin story of spider-man (does not bother me it was kind of cool really) The mysterious Arachne, seeing the grieving Peter, gives him his well-known costume, officially making him "Spider-Man" That I did not mind it kind of made a point. After peter becomes spiderman we see all these neat sets and great designs of spiderman fighting bank robbers and saving people set to music. (Diving back into the movies again) we see peter at the daily bugle (the set design was really cool and the wardrobe setting was back in the 50s) I did not really care for J.J. Jameson really all he did was yell alot. "Pull The Trigger" I really some what did not care for this song because it was just a bunch of Army dudes dancing saying we need this so we can use it our selves. "Picture This" i thought was a really nice song between Osborn and his wifre before he becomes the Green Goblin. "I'll Take Matthatan" is a number by the Green Goblin where he and Peter talk and battle it out. (This would be Gobin's stand out number in the show) from what people said. But the sets and the direction was great on this. Though out the entire story it felt like a big comic pop up book. The battles between spiderman and gobin went into the flying circle and all around the theater. everyone loved it! So spider-man sweeps down to save mary jane the goblin goes down. the theme of boy falls from the sky plays and ACT 1 is over!

Act 2 I will admit I liked it a bit more then Act 1 since the second act is like a new story all on its own. "Spiderman Rising" I thought was a really good opening song. Act 2 began with action. Also a talk about villians were going on which villan was better and a new villian came into the mix her name was Swismiss. Cool looking. I did not mind one bit.
"Turn Off the Dark" sung by Arachne was a slow song but how it is presented with what is going on stage works really well great special effects. "Walk Alway" you could tell that is a U2 song but a duet. here is a video i found on youtube it also borrows from a scene from Spider-man 2.

"Think Again" Sung by Arachne was another great song but with great choreography. So in Act 2 we see that Mary Jane is on broadway and the show she is staring in is "The Fly" a refrence to the old B film and also the U2 song. Also vertigo makes a cameo in the show too. Funny when the song came on a few people started to clap hands and sing along like it was a U2 concert. awsome! "Sinistereo" – Green Goblin, Sinister Six Is one of the stand out songs in the second act not just because of the song but because of the images that are on the big video screen. "Deeply Furious" – Arachne, Ensemble To me this song with whats going on with the images and live on stage could have been shown in 3D or in 4D! Arachne was really upset/mad in this song and spiders were going everywhere. I was so into it I thought that spiders would crawl into the seats of the theater as a nice effect. Great song. Another slow song called "If the World Should End" – Mary Jane. She was singing to Peter about the love they share for each other and she was a girl who fell from the sky. nice twist. You would be wondering when would the main theme would be played since the chords have been played all though out the show when spider-man comes well this was it! "The Boy Falls From The Sky" I had such a big smile on my face. Spider-man was a battle with all of the villans of the show. I do not really remember what "Love Me or Kill Me" – Peter, Arachne. sounded like (and since this show was in previews it had a diffrent ending that will be when it opens up) But i was pleased with the ending. I had such a fun time watching this show! Amazing all around.

After the show I went down to the stage to sit and see what other people thought of the show. I will say people really did rip the show apart. I will admit some of the people were telling the turth and I was on their side. Some people did not like the music, the story, the acting, the singing, act 1 or act 2. other people like my self did not like how they put parts from the movies into the show. Others did not like the new villian, Some liked the special effects. So the feedback was mixed. I know I am talking more about the awful things people said but asking me if I would recomend this show to people. YES! For many reasons! The show its self is groundbreaking, I can see why it is the most expensive show on broadway today. This is something that people have never seen before thats why I feel that people are mixed about the idea. Look at The Lion King from Julie, if you have seen the movie and not the show and just going into the show not knowing what to expect then what you saw in the movie you are in for a treat. Look at Across The Universe, its a beatles musical and we hear beatle songs in a new way and this time i feel we listen to the lyrics for the first time to hear what they really do mean. And Spider-Man turn off the dark is no diffrent. The show is more of an event then a show its self.



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