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hey there..new member to the community

Hey there U2 people! I just joined this community and I thought I'd say hi to everyone. I've only been a U2 fan since spring of 2000 (I know, I know) when I got their Best Of album. I then listened to it for 2 months straight and because of that, my mother now has a perpetual dislike of Bono. Then when "Beautiful Day" hit the airwaves, I fell in love all over again. After I got All That You Can't Leave Behind, I really became obsessed, and made it my goal to buy every U2 album (on CD). Which I've done.. I have everything from Boy to ATYCLB, as well as 22 CD singles and some vinyl. I'm quite the obsessed fan. Well, I just felt like posting a hello.. hope everyone has a great night!

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