Annie (canadanne) wrote in u2,

PopMart celebrities

Random question: does anyone know the identities of all the tragic celebrities shown on the screen during HMTMKMKM on the PopMart tour?

I *think* I've managed to spot:
- Aladdin Sane / Ziggy Stardust
- Bob Marley
- Buddy Holly
- Charlie Parker
- Elvis Presley
- Freddie Mercury
- Ian Curtis
- James Dean
- Janis Joplin
- Jimi Hendrix
- Jim Morrison
- John Lennon
- Judy Garland
- Kurt Cobain
- MacPhisto
- Marc Bolan
- Marilyn Monroe
- Marvin Gaye
- Phil Lynott
- Tupac Shakur

There are still about half a dozen I'm not sure about. Do any of these rubbish screencaps look familiar at all?

EDIT: Had a brainwave - top left is Sid Vicious! And top right is Patsy Cline (thanks to baranduyn for that one!)
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