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U2 albums survey

Posted on Zootopia a few months ago, posting again here in case anyone wants to steal it!

- List U2's studio albums in whatever order you want and number them from 1 to 14.
- Then answer the questions below!

01. Which was the first U2 album you owned?
02. What were the first songs you heard from #3 and #13?
03. What were your initial opinions of #7 and #1, and have they changed since then?
04. Which album(s) are your favourite?
05. Which album do you prefer out of #10 and #4?
06. What are your favourite tracks from #6 and #12?
07. What memories do you associate with #14 and #8?
08. Which album would you listen to when feeling down?
09. Where would you rank #5 and #9 in your album preferences?
10. Which album has a better opening track, #2 or #11?
11. What are your favourite lyrics from #10 and #13?
12. Which album would you listen to when feeling happy?
13. How many songs from #7 and #2 have you heard live?
14. Which tracks from #8 and #5 should have been released as singles?
15. Which album do you listen to more, #11 or #3?
16. Which album has grown on you the most?
17. Which songs from #4 and #1 do you dream of hearing live?
18. Which album has a better closing track, #9 or #12?
19. Which album do you prefer out of #6 and #14?
20. Which album would you love to see played in full like on the recent Joshua Tree tours?

(You can repeat this as many times as you like just by listing the albums in a different order.)

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