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hello everyone! i'm kinda new here. kinda meaning i've had this community on my friends list but have not posted yet AND i was a live journal user a few months ago under quasiangel...

well, i guess i gotta get to the u2-ness: i've liked u2 for years. ever since the joshua tree. i really got into u2 in 1999 and ever since then, they've been my favorite band. i saw the 3 elevation show that were in philadelphia (june 11, 12, nov 11) and was GE for 1 show. it was amazing!
the new single "electric storm" is pretty good. i had to listen to it a few times before i got into it. the edge totally rocks in this one! i know it'll be a favorite in no time...
and the ever growing question is "are you in love with bono?" and the answer is YES! i adore him (larry is second)!

well, that's it for me for now!
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