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Hello Hello!!

August 27th, 2002

Electrical Storm @ 09:03 pm

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Wow, I finally figured out where Interference downloaded the song too. I'm listening to the new single now and I really don't know what I think. It's not U2's best ever, but Edge's guitar is very very catchy, he plays so beautifully.The lyrics are a little week but the acutal music still rocks.It sounds like a very modern which if you like the modern guitar pop theses days is fine, but to me all those bands have nothing to say and all sound the same. Noo U2 don't be like Creed, don't be like Train and all the rest!
I really like the opening though, it's your basic pop song. Well, maybe I'll warm up to it. I warmed up to ATYCLB, it took awhile but I now see the frickin' brilliance of that whole album.

BTW....name's Bea and I've been a U2 fan for awhile. There the whole thing which can turn a bad day good and make my blood rush until I think I'm gonna faint. Even at their worst, they are the most complex, innovative and interesting band out there. hehehe U2's got a new best out soon !!! woohoo something worth looking forward too.

Ps: on second listening, I like it better already. It's the voice you just can't escape the power of the voice.
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Date:August 28th, 2002 02:31 pm (UTC)
i like your icon. :-) is your user name a reference to poe's song?

p.s. welcome...

U2 LiveJournal

Hello Hello!!