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Electrical Storm

I believe my honeymoon with this song is dwindling ... I mean, it's not a bad song, it's just conventional. It lacks the spark that most of their songs have ... it reminds me very much of "Always" which is a good song, however if they had released it as opposed to "Beautiful Day" I doubt they would've made such a successful comeback.

I'll always be partial to the first decade of their career, and the energy that their music gave off.

Though ATYCLB is a wonderful album, even it left something to be desired -well, Bono naturally ... but yeah, that aside.

I understand that they're not 17 any longer, however I am ... and enjoy the vitality of their earlier songs.

If their next album is going to follow the route of "Electrical Storm" I dun' think I'll enjoy it too much, considering it does have that ATYCLB sound to it, generally speaking. U2 has never released two albums that sound the same, and I trust them not to do so now.

Oh, and closing comment: As much as I love Bono's voice, it was a bit overpowering.

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