She's running to stand...... Still. (u2lynne) wrote in u2,
She's running to stand...... Still.

New U2 single on Fanning Show


U2 fans will be able to hear the band's new single tonight on 2FM's Dave Fanning Show.

Fanning will play 'Electrical Storm', the brand new single from the band between 7 and 8pm.

The track, recorded in Dublin, is the first release from U2's forthcoming 'Greatest Hits 1990-2000' which will be released on 3 November.

The video for the single was recently shot in France.

Point your real player to:

I'm thinking this will be the *real* version instead of what some people are saying was a demo.

Update: They were just saying that the band is flying in! That U2 were in Los Angeles and are now flying into London. Then he said they just landed 20 minutes ago (actually, he said the 'single' just landed 20 minutes ago - he *could* have just been saying that the 'single' in flying in from Los Angeles, not the band, it wasn't too clear).
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