sunlight in her song (_serendipity) wrote in u2,
sunlight in her song

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28.08.02 Electrical Storm On The Airwaves

Listen up! The new U2 single, Electrical Storm is set for radio play in the US as early as this week, as soon as production work on the track is finished.

It's being aired sooner than planned after Bono ran into a pal on her wedding day and gave her a demo of the new track as a spontaneous wedding present.

Since Bono's friend is a radio DJ, sharp-eared listeners in the UK have already been treated to the demo.

Keep checking here for more release news as soon as it’s confirmed.

(PS - I absolutely love the song - it reminds me of Achtung Baby. I think all the anti-Electrical Storm-ers are nuts. *my humble opinion*)
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