Robyn H (neverletmedown) wrote in u2,
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I think...

... I'm probably one of the few people who was actually disappointed while listening to the new and official remix of Electrical Storm - the one that will be featured on the album.

It's missing my favourite, and in my opinion, one of the most dynamic musical changes in the song... and that's the part when the Edge's guitar chords are changing during the chorus (if the sky can crack, etc). The demo, original, or whatever version you want to call it - had those 4 chord changes per bar, where Edge would slide the notes up the fretboard...

... the remix version just has the one chord change per bar, and is lacking what I liked the most in the original.

Oh well. We all can't be happy. :P

However, I do like the polishing they've done with the remix... it does sound like a U2 song, albeit, I'm curious to know how this song came to be.
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