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Is there more?

I haven't said anything about Electrical Storm yet because I'm giving it time to grow on me...and it is growing on me...and I do like it...but the song just seems a little flat to me.

Recent U2 songs, like the big ones from ATYCLB (Beautiful Day, Elevation & Walk On), all had an instant positive impact on me...musically and lyrically...as I thought "yeah...this is a great song!". But that hasn't happened for me at all with Electrical Storm. Personally, I wouldn't have included it on the new Best Of (I would replace it with Walk On)...cause it just doesn't seem to have the substance of classic U2 songs.

To me...Electrical Storms seems to be a bit too loose/open ended...just another sort of love song. It hasn't quite got the punch...the real substance that we know so well in Bono's writing...or am I missing something here?? Is there something that Electrical Storm is standing for...or is it just another song?
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