Nicstar (nicstaru2) wrote in u2,

I went into Soundworld to have a chat with the staff there the other day about the new Best Of and the references and rumours and speculations and so on to a third disc in the limited edition. I spoke to a guy called John who was most helpful (my friend who used to work there actually said he or Pete would be the ones to talk to), and he said he had also heard something along the lines of what I was saying to him. He then called Peter over at the city store and discussed it with him. After a few more minutes searching on the computer and so on, John said he'd put me in as a pre-order for a Best Of Limited Edition and see what actually happens, and said "if there is something like that available, don't you worry we'll get it and I'll make sure you get one". As he is about to do so the computer screen updates and he got all excited. "hang on, look, its now listing it as a 3cd set..." Couldn't get back on to Pete so not sure what exactly is happening in regards to it all. But now on *their* website they too are listing it as with a DVD component 3rd disc. As does this site. But HMV Australia now only lists the regular version, 1cd version.

Man I wish it would hurry up and be released, purely only so I can find out once and for all what formats it does or does not come in!
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