kyoo-sack (batmanwoof) wrote in u2,

Maybe I'm just seeing things..

I have a question about the new U2 music video, Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of. Well actually, a couple... but one main one, which is my first..

  • The football player who misses the kick... is it my overactive imagination or is this Brendan Fehr? Most people probably recognize Brendan Fehr as Michael from Roswell and he was in that Forsaken movie little while back. If anybody knows this, I'd gladly appreciate help because it's making me really curious... is it really him? A look-alike? Or is my mind just messed up?

  • The references to past U2 stuff, has anybody documented/caught all of them? I'm a fairly recent fan and don't know that much about them.. but even watching it like the second or third time, I found stuff that made me laugh. So far I've caught lemons, flys, Irish times, sunday bloody sunday, angel of harlem and probably more that aren't coming to mind. Anybody want to share the knowledge?
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