Wombat (virginblue) wrote in u2,

Can someone please explain to me this supposed war between U2 and Radiohead?? Well, at least the war between the fans of the two bands...?? What's it all about...why did it start...or is it really nothing at all??

In other news...I brought Unforgettable Fire today. nice! And if there's any full on U2 fans from Melbourne Australia who would love to get their hands on every piece of U2 stuff they can find...check out Dixon Recycles (Camberwell)...they have a big bunch of stuff...including 2nd hand copies of the VHS videos of Numb, Unforgettable File (album "making of" and video clips), Live Under A Blood Red Sky and some unmarked concert video that just had a list of songs up to the Joshua Tree era.
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