_.:Showme Kenobi:._ (awoehler) wrote in u2,
_.:Showme Kenobi:._

Just joined...

I feel stupid. I've been on lj for 18 months now, and I just looked and found a U2 community via my friendsfriends page. Hi Ray.

I've been a fan since Under a Blood Red Sky and it's people like me who keep the boys in the band well stocked with $$$. Albums, singles, concerts, videos, DVD's, posters, memorabilia... I'm sick. I need help.

What I would really like to do is find some people to trade mp3 concerts with. I have about 23 complete shows from the late 1970's through PoP and I'd love to trade with someone who's got some from the Elevation tour... and the Boston show that's out on DVD does not count. I'd also trade b-sides and remixes in lieu of shows. If you are interested, please comment.

I actually have some stuff I've been meaning to unload on eBay... check it out here and make an offer if you are interested... it'll save me the trouble of an auction.
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