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Singles to trade

I have more than I listed here. As a rule, I only have the b-sides in these folders because there was no point for me to waste memory for studio releases. So, keep that in mind:

[A Celebration] 9/25/1999 3:00 PM
[A Day Without Me] 9/25/1999 3:00 PM
[All I Want Is You] 9/25/1999 3:00 PM
[Angel Of Harlem] 9/25/1999 2:59 PM
[Desire (UK CD-S)] 9/25/1999 3:00 PM
[Discotheque] 9/25/1999 3:00 PM
[Even Better Than The Real Thing] 9/25/1999 2:59 PM
[Even Better Than The Real Thing - Remixes] 9/25/1999 2:59 PM
[Fire (R.O.K)] 9/25/1999 2:59 PM
[Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me] 9/25/1999 2:59 PM
[I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For] 9/25/1999 3:00 PM
[If God Will Send His Angels (UK Cd5)] 9/25/1999 3:00 PM
[Last Night On Earth] 9/25/1999 3:00 PM
[Miss Sarajevo] 9/25/1999 2:59 PM
[Mofo Remixes] 9/25/1999 3:00 PM
[Mysterious Ways] 9/25/1999 2:59 PM
[One] 9/25/1999 2:59 PM
[Please] 9/25/1999 3:00 PM
[Popheart EP] 9/25/1999 3:00 PM
[Pride (In The Name Of Love)] 9/25/1999 3:00 PM
[Staring At The Sun (Single 1)] 9/25/1999 3:00 PM
[Staring At The Sun (Single 2)] 9/25/1999 3:00 PM
[Stay (Faraway, So Close!)] 9/25/1999 2:59 PM
[Sweetest Thing (Single 1)] 9/25/1999 2:59 PM
[Sweetest Thing (Single 2)] 9/25/1999 2:59 PM
[The Fly] 9/25/1999 2:59 PM
[The Unforgettable Fire] 9/25/1999 2:59 PM
[Two Hearts Beat As One] 9/25/1999 3:00 PM
[When Love Comes To Town] 9/25/1999 3:00 PM
[Where The Streets Have No Name] 9/25/1999 2:59 PM
[Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses] 9/25/1999 2:59 PM
[With Or Without You] 9/25/1999 2:59 PM

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