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Hello all.. new to this community, so I thought I'd say hello and share a bit of my preoccupation with U2...

The thing about Bono: he's a nice guy. I felt like I could really write him a letter and he'd sit down and read it, and appreciate it. I don't mean, like, an obsessive fan letter, but just... a very nice thank-you note for the concert. Thank you for giving me the best night of my life. Thank you for existing, for manifesting talent. I want him delivered to my house in a nice big box so we could go out for tea and then save the world.

For anyone in this community who hasn't had a chance to see them perform: you need to see them live.

I was only a moderate U2 fan before seeing them in concert. I loved their music, but probably only about as much as the average fan of good rock did. It hadn't really kicked in that we were really, really, really, going to see U2 until... well, probably about the time Bono burst on stage in leather, spitting out the first verse of "Elevation." Oh. Ohh! It's that U2, isn't it?

Amazing. Mind-blowing. It's not just that he's running around the stage like a sixteen-year-old boy, it's that he's a middle-aged man in leather running around the stage like a sixteen-year-old boy, that he's crawling on his hands and knees and pulling kids out of the audience and still manages to have a breathtaking, perfect, soul-stirring voice. It's that the stage was constructed and the band moved as to face every person in the arena at least once (including those of us with rear view seating). It's that they've been around forever and still manage to play every note with the life and spunk that makes it feel like the first time. It's that the band took fifteen minutes out of this rock-and-roll extravaganza to talk about sending aid to Africa, and meaning it.

I have the privilege of being able to see them again when they come to New York. Counting down, as of this post: nine days, nineteen hours and fifty-three minutes.

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