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Hello Hello!!

October 31st, 2002

newbie @ 09:31 pm

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Hi my name's Morgane ...
I'm the biggest U2 fan ever (but I guess some of you here could challenge me !) and never knew about this community before. Shame on me.
Well I'm a huge U2 fan. My mom used to listen to them when she was pregnant of me, so did my brother and sister so I can say I've always listened to U2. They've written the soundtrack of my life ; each of their songs can tell a precise moment of my life. As an occasional Dubliner I've sometimes met Bono and for those who don't know him, he's as available and as sweet as we can imagine, and very very funny.
I sometimes contribute to www.u2achtung.com, an official french-speaking website for U2 with loads and loads of ressources. There is an english version if you don't speak french.
So erm, here I am :) Looking forward to meeting you all.
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Date:October 31st, 2002 02:24 pm (UTC)

Hey there...
I'm planning to study abroad in Ireland this summer, probably in Dublin...any tips on running into one of those four guys? Much appreciated in advance!
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Date:November 1st, 2002 02:29 am (UTC)


I used to hunt around the Clarence Hotel, but now The Kitchen is closed, so it makes things less easy.
You can still hang out around Hanover Quay if it's still up (they're planning on destroying it, but U2 holds a strong veto against it), and all the St Stephen's Green area.
Date:November 3rd, 2002 09:43 am (UTC)
As my father would say: you're preaching to the choir. Im one of those obsessed fans that can't seem to get enough of them (im still paying off debt from concerts and such). Maybe there's a U2 credit card out there.....hmmm......Bank of Ireland?

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Hello Hello!!