Robyn H (neverletmedown) wrote in u2,
Robyn H

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U2 Bono

Today while driving to school, I followed behind an emerald green Honda with "U2 Bono" on the license plate. Not only that, but she also had an Irish flag sticker and an Elevation decal on her window.

I wanted to somehow let her know that I too was a diehard U2 fan - at the time I was blasting "Acrobat" from my car stereo...

... but I couldn't think of an eloquent way of doing so. I also thought that perhaps she wasn't really a U2 fan, and she was only using her husband or kid's car... so if some strange girl (me) balancing a coffee in her lap while driving was starting to motion strange hand gestures through the window in her direction... perhaps it wouldn't have gone over too well.

Nevertheless, I was grinning the whole time to school because of that car...

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