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AG tells it like it is! I had mentioned awhile back about hostility between Radiohead fans and U2 fans. I posted this in the RH community so I might be exiled from it soon ;-p. I don't like one band over the other, that's that.

From: Danny

This is probably a dumb question, but how do you deal with people you get into a quarrel with about U2? For example if someone tells you "U2 are the most over-rated thing this planet has ever seen, Bono should be more worried about his music than trying to save the world! If he wants to stop debt in Africa then he should use his own money, because he has enough of it! And by the way they write radio friendly music for the masses, which absolutely sucks, and they look like fools when they play live." Oh and the person that says this to you is a Radiohead fan. What do you tell this annoying person Answer Guy? What is the "one intelligent subtly insulting comment" that will put this person in their place, where they belong?

Dear Danny:

This is most definitely not a dumb question. (Let me know if you have any questions about Bono's eyewear.)

Hey, Radiohead fan! With the exception of "Elvis Presley and America," at least we can decipher what the hell our LV is singing. Hey, Thom Yorke, stop slouching, do your mouth exercises and enunciate for god's sake. And would it kill you to smile? "Karma Police, arrest this man he's noteennnooowwww hhheeeepuuuussshhhheeessslikkkkkeeeeaaa." You tell me what the hell he's saying.

And with a few U2 exceptions ("October," "So Cruel," etc.), our band's songs don't lead us immediately to the medicine cabinet to swallow a handful of pills to put us out of our misery. Sing along with me Radiohead fans, "pull me out of the aircrash, pull me out of the lake." And the song is called "Lucky"? Waah. Cry me a river.

And tell your Radiohead friends that their band apparently followed the Pearl Jam guide to purposely not becoming the biggest band in the world, when the prize was in their grasp. Nice job.

Answer Guy is a huge fan of both Radiohead and Pearl Jam. If anyone out there ends up with December 8 PJ tickets for Seattle, I'll fly up and meet you for the show.
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