Nicstar (nicstaru2) wrote in u2,

Was in Sydney on the weekend, and dropped in once again at the David Egan gallery. And wow, theres some new pieces there. Ones, again, based on U2 music. My first visit there a few months ago I was not fussed on any of the pieces really. There were a few I liked, but otherwise it didn't really take my fancy. This weekend, the new pieces I absolutely loved. (Some weren't even being displayed yet, they was just sitting there waiting to be hung up with a New Work. Do Not Touch sign on them, and man how I wanted to go through them because what I could see of some of them were great). Anyways, I fell in love with one particular piece called "Wrap The Night Around Me". I had to keep walking back to it and looking at it. I got talking to the girl who was working there and she said it was a very popular piece at the exhibition in Dublin. Anyways, I went back in the next day and had to purchase one of the prints of it (Limited Edition of 100, numbered and signed by David Egan). Cost a bit yes, but my oh my, I am mighty impressed with it. (Unfortunately there are no images of the one I bought on the website..).

There was a different girl working in there on the Sunday and I had the same conversations I had with the Saturday girl. And then she found out what a big fan I was. She was astonished, and when I told her how I flew over to the UK to see them in concert she couldn't believe it. Hehehe.

If you're ever in Sydney be sure to drop in at his studios and check it out.
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