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A Hello & Some Thoughts...

A Hello

I've been meaning to search out this community for awhile now, but I thought that this would be the best day to do it. I've been a fan of U2 since I first heard my sister's copy of the Live At Red Rocks record (Yes, I did say record) and I've been a fan ever since. I've seen them a couple times when they played here, including both ZOO TV shows, though I was stuck in traffic trying to get there on the day of the infamous San Francisco show. Even though there's been periods that I didn't like the songs (aka the "Pop" period), they have always been one of my favorite bands. Feel free to stop by my journal and say hello...

Some Thoughts

When I first heard that they were going to release this, I was kind of surprised. I was thinking that they were going to do things things every 10 years or so. But I was wrong.

I feel kind of strange about the song selection on the A-Sides disc. All of the songs are good choices, but there seems to be a couple missing - Whose Going To Ride... (I know that they don't like the song, but it was a massive hit and it's a great song), The Fly, Ultraviolet (Light My Way), the version of Night And Day from the Red Hot & Blue album, Lemon, Please, Elevation, Walk On, Peace On Earth, In A Little While. You could almost make another CD out of the songs that were left off of this one. Also, I was wondering why the version of Electric Storm on the A-Sides CD is a remix while the original version appears on the B-Sides one. Very odd...

All that being said, I'm actually not disappointed with this CD. While there are songs that I wish would have been on it, I think that it is a good mix of some really great music. Maybe the CD was too long or some other reason that the songs weren't included, but I'll enjoy what I have.

With the A-Sides CD being good, I have to admit to being diappointed by the B-Sides one. Maybe they just recorded a lot more B-Side material in the 1980s, but it seems strange to have the disc dominated by remixes of songs that already can be found on the first disc. And if they are including covers on this disc, then what about Night And Day or the version of Paint It Black from the Whose Going To Ride... single? I'll still listen to it, but I just wish that it had a little more meat to it, if you know what I mean.

I guess that's it from me. Sorry for being so long winded...

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