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November 8th, 2002

Thoughts.... @ 10:32 pm

I'm currently feelin: giggly giggly

So I've been listening to the new U2 cd over and over and over all day long and I would liek to dispel some thoughts on the subject.


B: Sadly they did not put Lemon on there. Off the entire Zooropa album I think it is the best. In fact Zooropa, Numb, and Lemon are the best. Sighhhhh..... And where the hell is the FLY, Acrobat, and Ultra Violet?!!??!?! And if they have to include ATYCLB they could've at least put Walk On...sighhhh... :( Im dissapointed with the selection but alas it IS U2.

Could I be angry? Heck no.

I love the new mix of Discotheque. They should've made this biatch a three CD set. The Hands that Built America: finally. Ive been dying to hear the whole thing but all i keep finding on the music download services is crap! Its wonderful. Beautiful. I haven't watched the DVD yet but I will giggle and jump up and down and play shadow guitar and all that other stuff with it later.
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Date:November 8th, 2002 08:00 pm (UTC)

I agree with you as to major disappointment that The Fly, Ultra Violet and Acrobat missed...but I think Stay is the most worthy Zooropa song to make the album. I really don't like the new Numb mix. And at least Lemon is on the b-sides!

New mix of Discotheque truely is fantastic. Thanks for your comments.
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Date:November 8th, 2002 08:10 pm (UTC)
I like Discotheque also. Yeah, The Fly should have been on there for sure. And why The First Time? As for Walk On and Elevation, they were singles in 2001, so that's why they weren't included. But the first CD 1980-1990 included nothing from 1990 at all. Night And Day would have been a good choice.

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Hello Hello!!