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warning: insanity inside!!!!!

I love Acrobat. Its a damn shame they don't sing that one in concert although I do understand why. Its a very close song to Bono. I read (i think) in Into the Heart that it was written because Bono was tired of people expecting so much out of him. I long to hear three things at a U2 concert:

1. Do you feel love
2. With or Without You, the Rattle and Hum version (exactly the same)
3. Acrobat
4. LEMON!!!!!

I soooo wish I could see Bono in that gold suit, live. Wow. Enough to turn a straight man....well....umm....turn a straight man into Bono! LOL Acrobat is just a powerful song. Without or without you is just my insanity song. I listen to it in repeat all the time. My parents use to shake their head in ponder when I would burn a CD of NOTHING but different versions of WOWY and listen to it until the CD wore out; yes I have woke up in the morning to simply turn the volume back up on the stereo to listen to wowy in repeat, turning it down before bed.

Im insane. hehehhehehe

As to the Best Of discussion: could it be that the songs chosen were the bands favorites??!??!?!?!?!? Here is my 1990-2000 best of song list:

Miss Sarajevo
The Fly
Zoo Station
Ultra Violet
Do You Feel Love
Wake Up Deadman
Beautiful Day
Stuck in a moment you Can't get ouf of
Walk On
Wild Honey
New York

Period. :)

I like the selection, of course, I would buy a U2 cd even if it just had the band laughing at me for buying it on it. Im strange. No wait, im a fanatic. However I promise not to stand outside the studio or Larrys house (he doesnt like that). What I would like to see from the boys next is a remake of all their best songs. A complete remake DVD!!!! YES! They perform each song live!!!! OooOOOOo I feel another list coming on:

I will Follow, Stories for Boys, Out of Control, Gloria, Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Years Day, DROWNING MAN, 40, Pride, Bad, Where the Streets Have No Name (they can sing on top of my house if need be), I Still Havent Found What Im looking For, With or Without You, One Tree Hill, Mothers of the Disappeared, Heartland, Van Diemans Land, All I want is You, Zoo Station, One, The Fly, Ultra Vilolet, Acrobat, Zooropa, Numb, Lemon, Stay, The First Time, YOUR BLUE ROOM, Discotheque, Do You Feel Love, Please, The Playboy Mansion, Wake up Dead Man, Beautiful Day, Walk On, Stuck in a Moment you Can't get out of, Wild Honey, When I look at the World, New York, Peace on Earth, OH YEAH and Holy Joe and Falling at Your Feet, and the Ground Beneath Her Feet.

Boy am I crazy or what. whew. Okay nuff now.
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