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Hey John...bullet the blue sky...

So I FINALLY bought myself a copy of the Elevation Tour DVD this week...and wow...totally blown away buy it! The only fault, to me, is the extremely choppy and fast moving editing. Sometimes I just want the camera to stay still (please!!)...else I'm gonna end up with motion sickness here! But I guess that's similar to the Popmart and ZooTV styles.

Anyway...Bullet The Blue Sky would definitely have to be the biggest "wow" point of the show for me (so far). What passion Bono had there...he was on fire! Really sticking it up to John Lennon. It surely is one of U2's best ever live songs.

That makes me think...does anyone not agree with me when I say the The Joshua Tree has provided U2 with their best live material...in raw emotion and fan concert favourites?? With the exception of my fav live song, "Bad", Joshua Tree gave us "Where The Streets Have No Name", "With or Without You" and "Bullet the Blue Sky"! All these songs appear on every concert video (since Joshua Tree).

Can any other U2 album claim this success rate?
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