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War Is Over We Don't Need Your Help, America Is Making War On Itself

Ahhh... home. Friday. Weekend. I'm about to start ironing my going-out clothes for later. I have the Elevation Boston DVD cranking in full Dolby Digital 5.1 splendor as I go about my business. Someone said it earlier in this community, and I agree: Joshua Tree has supplied some of the most amazing live material the band has. And the way they've let those songs grow with them over this past 15+ years [gasp! it's been that long?] is amazing.

I was going to make a post today about making a Restored Joshua Tree album, but the web site that has been up about this for many years is gone. So, the back story and the interviews it bases a track listing for a double-album Joshua Tree is gone. Yet, I made myself one of these Restored Joshua Tree albums about 6 years ago, and with the profileration of 80min blank CD's I now have a flawless copy to play. If anyone else has made themselves one, let me know what you think. Personally... I rarely play my studio version any more.
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