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Some of these are funny, and some of them are just darn true! :o)

u2 is my life
u2 is left broken and shattered
u2 is a high
u2 is 0
u2 is overflowing with metaphors
u2 is a band in transition
u2 is more than a band
u2 is a simple 4 piece rock band
u2 is a band based on respect for each other and for music
u2 is just so darn popular
u2 is almost certainly the greatest live band in the world today
u2 is the most successful rock band of the last twenty years
u2 is the best rock and roll band since the beatles
u2 is equal to u1 less the number of spaces at the end of the
u2 is simply the best u2 is simply the best rock band of all time in europe
u2 is 30% better than that of the y
u2 is larry mullen jnr
u2 is another story
u2 is stuck in fresno by feathery kuja okay
u2 is an end
u2 is moving
u2 is not what it used to be and is trying to be too cool
u2 is the inaccessible universe
u2 is always damn good
u2 is an original species
u2 is rich

Do your own googlisms here....
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