Crash Bandicoot (secretworld) wrote in u2,
Crash Bandicoot

electrical storm

i haven't posted in here for such a long time. i was just watching the MTV U2 best of show, so i had the greatest band in mind. i really love electrical storm... i think it is a great expression of the band and the music. the video is not as good as some of the others, (but then again i really didn't like the stuck in a moment video while that continues to rate as one of my favorite songs), but the song itself has such an amazing sound. its truly incredible that one band can mature with time and survive every trend set by passing through artists. that's why i update herE!!

i challenge you to suggest to me the most obscure U2 song you know of. not so that i can protest that i know it but so that i can become a true expert on the subject!
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