Dr. Who (hapavox) wrote in u2,
Dr. Who

NEW ISSUE of PROPAGANDA hits U.S. Mailboxes...

I just got my issue of PROPAGANDA yesterday in the mail. I live in the Midwest and I'm sure most of you U.S. fans/current subscribers will get your copies in the coming week(s) too. The Europeans already got their share for what I heard in the past couple of months. If this is the so-called, "Last/Farewell Issue" of PROPAGANDA(in print publication) then it sure as hell looks like they didn't warn their readers of that fact!

THERE IS NO INDICATION IN THE MAGAZINE THAT IT WILL BE THE LAST ISSUE. Let's hope that this is true and we receive at least at another 2 issues to fulfill my $20 renewal back in Fall 2000.

Happy T-Giving to ALL U2 fans out there! Be THANKFUL that Adam, The Edge, Bono, and Larry are still around even after *POP*!!!
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