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U2 LiveJournal

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November 30th, 2002

taking back rock and roll @ 04:46 pm

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In an article on MSNBC.com reviewing Pearl Jam's latest release, Riot Act:

They not only avoided the media but famously initiated a giant public feud with Ticketmaster and stopped making videos for MTV--two of the boldest and most self-destructive stands any rock band has taken in years. Now, the fact that Pearl Jam’s contract with Epic is about to expire--coupled with those sagging sales--seems to have inspired the band to make nice. Singer Eddie Vedder et al are doing interviews and making videos again. "The guys in U2, they would tell us, ‘C’mon, you guys gotta get back on the wave with us, take rock and roll back’," bassist Jeff Ament said recently. We can be snide about Pearl Jam’s motives, but the truth is that somebody needs to take rock and roll back, and Pearl Jam has as good a shot as anybody.
Pearl Jam may want to help U2 take back rock and roll, but first they’ve got to figure out what to do with it.

Full article here
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U2 LiveJournal

Hello Hello!!