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The Best Of DVD

I haven't sat and watched everything on it yet. But so far I like. There's the clips on there I've not seen before (a version of Stuck, the Staring At The Sun video that Miss Morleigh had her hand in, and so on) and I quite liked the "behind the scenes" sort of documentaries that are there. (well there we go, I hadn't realised Bono was actually sitting on a train in Electrical Storm!). I was mighty impressed with the fact the Until The End Of The World video was from the Zoo TV Outside Broadcast. The copy of that I have (Zoo TV Outside Broadcast) I only ever obtained by accident when, just after I got into U2, I was up late with Mum one night watching telly and on came U2, and record I pressed, taping over something or other for my Dad. I've got to say, I think I've watched that tape more than 200 times since- I love it! You can imagine the condition it is in. Warbled sound, fuzzy picture- some parts my video player decides its just not worth watching and all I get is a blue screen. So along comes Until The End Of The World from there, and I am enthralled. The Outside Broadcast would have to be one of my favourite U2 specials- now *thats* something I'd like to see on DVD....

...anyways back to the current DVD. I didn't sit and watch it all the way through- I went straight to the things I've not seen before (the documentaries to start with) and then onto my favourite clips. Derr, it took me awhile to realise the options available, that heck I get to see the alternate videos for some of the songs. So I was fiddling with that and then remembered: the directors commentaries! I've only listened to a few of those thus far. Kevin Godley, although he has done some pretty good videos (Even Better Than The Real Thing), his commentary isn't that insightful or entertaining or interesting. Phil Joanou's commentaries were pretty good- a mixture of background information for the video shoot, how it was done, his thoughts on it, and a few little humourous snippets. He doesn't stop talking about the video so it makes it quite interesting. But my favourite was most definitely Wim Wenders discussing Stay. Oh my. I love that song, I love that clip, I love some of Wim Wenders' movies. So to hear him discussing it all was the first thrill. And then I realised, he is a fan. You can hear it when he is talking about the song, the band, the clip- he is a fan of U2, their music and all the rest of it. Out of all the commentaries I did listen to (EBTTRT, One, Stay, Numb, and another I can't recall just now...) Wim Wenders discussing Stay is the only one I will go back to actually listen to again.

Oh and I forgot to mention- when I very first opened the case, something I wasn't expecting. A place to put the bonus DVD that came with the Limted Edition Best Of cd.

One thing I did find on the DVD, and I am not sure how or where I found it or anything, but I recall when I first watched the Elevation DVD, the only way for me to find the Easter Eggs was to use the shuffle button. So I was playing with the shuffle button and all that was happening was I was repeatedly getting the same tracks over and over. And then suddenly there'd be some behind the scenes footage from the Last Night On Earth video, of the band walking and running from Mr Old Dude (sorry, I don't know his name!) with sword.... then I'd get a message saying Track 03 prohibited from this point. The second time I did it, found the same clip after repeatedly being given EBTTRL, I got the message Track 20 prohibited from this point. (or something like that, I can't recall the exact wording). Weirdness, I wonder if there is more hidden stuff on there?

Is the DVD worth my money? You bet!
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