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Hi everyone

So I have been here for a while and have never posted.

Anyway, I am a huge u2 fan- so far I have only been to 4 shows, all on the Elevation Tour), since I am only 19. Don't I wish I was born earlier so I could have been to the earlier tours!!! I just went to Notre Dame and Chicago 1 last week. AMAZING SHOWS! I was going to go to New York, but Propaganda denied me tickets (I call the letter they sent me the "Letter Of Death"). Blah. So I guess my round of LIVE Elevation is over for now.

If I ever get my pictures scanned, I will try to put a few from my trips to Notre Dame and Chicago up here. I am also an active bootleg trader (although I would NEVER charge money, I don't want Bono to beat me up) in both audio and .shn format. If there are any other traders or tapers on here, yay! I have a HUGE collection, it is my hobby? obsession? You all know what I am talking about :o)

Nice to meet you all, U2 fans are the best around!
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