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How did you come up with the name, U2?

BONO, LEAD SINGER, U2: Oh, I don't like the name, U2, actually.

KING: You don't like it.

BONO: Yes, because the history of great rock 'n' roll bands with crap names. I mean, people forget that the Beatles is a really bad pun, you know.

KING: But who came up with U2? Who of the four guys said, "U2?"

BONO: We had a few names. Our first name -- and we were all 16, 15, in fact, Larry was 14.

KING: You've been together forever, right?

BONO: Yes, it was like a high school band. And then, the first name was the Hype, which we soon lived up to. And Feedback was another one, and then a man called Steven Averill (ph), who designs and still designs our album covers, came up with the name U2.

KING: As a submarine takeoff?

BONO: I thought it was a submarine, but then it was a spy plane, and...

KING: That's right, it was a spy plane.

BONO: You know, but I always thought it was like...


KING: A U-2 had got shot down. There was a whole big hullabaloo.

BONO: Yes, yes, that's right.

KING: And you don't like...

BONO: Gary Powers.

KING: That's right. And you don't like it because?

BONO: I don't know. It's just -- I never thought about it as in, you know, "you too." I really didn't, but that's me.

damn! baby Larry! hehe so cute, so cute
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