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U2 Purity Test! :D

Here is the result of your U2 Purity Test.
You answered "yes" to 49 of 200 questions, making you 75.5% U2 pure (24.5% U2 corrupt); that is, you are 75.5% pure in the U2 domain (your U2 fandom is 24.5%).

Take the test HERE.

*do you own spangled/"bedazzled"/studded jeans?
*did you make your own when you couldn't find anything suitable?
*have you made your own U2-like clothes?

I made U2 pants! :D yes they rock.

*Do you have special nicknames for them?
*have you said them around your non-U2 friends and gotten teased for it?

Lol. I call Adam=FIREPANTS

*Have you skipped class/work to go to a U2 concert?
well it WAS 6 days after my birthday! :P

*Do your parents/relatives/friends/neighbors/all of the above/whatever mispronounce Bono's name?
* do they do it on purpose?

lol. my sister loves to say SONNY BONO!

*Have you made U2 cookies? (Yes, they do exist.)
does a u2 gingerbread house count? :p

I think it's a good thing that I'm only 24.5% u2 crazy! hehe. or else I might scare MYSELF!
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