the muddafukin czar of neptune (echoboom) wrote in u2,
the muddafukin czar of neptune

u2 needs to come back. and they need to be better and louder than ever.

bono said that achtung baby was "the sound of 4 men chopping down the joshua tree".

the 90's were a time where they experimented with their music and kept pushing themselves to make a more intense musical experience. they blew away everyones expectations and become more than just artists, they were revolutionary.
how many people were shocked in some way upon their first listen to achtung baby? i remember being pissed off that first day and threw the cd across the room. a little while later, i was being drawn into the music, the lyrics, the melodies. this was more than anyone expected.

pop took the music onto a different level. no matter how you felt about techno or electronica , u could still appreciate how well produced the tracks are. from haunting basslines to the loud drum machines. it might be the noiseist u2 album yet.

with the commercial failure of pop, they decided to come back to what made them a basic good band.
hence the back to roots cliche of allthatyoucanleavebehind. its still a good album. but when compared to the last 3 albums, it just doesnt ignite the fires that were needed.

i think ATYCLB was them remapping the blueprints of joshua tree to find something they had lost.
upon first listening, i thought it was allright. i still think its allright. much better than most bands out there today, yet, not really a progressive step forward in their sound.

thats why i hope the next album is gonna be hard. mechanic. theyve just done the safe album, and its time for them to be loud again.

this entire diatribe bounces all over the place. but its fueled knowing that u2 have already mentioned something about it being a little punk.

i say bring it. and if we lose some of the safe fans, thats ok. we dont need them.

--im from the set of fans that think pop is better than JT.

--the we dont need them part. i believe bono said that after the first night of zootv when asked why they didnt play some classic songs..
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