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Comment deletion

I would like to know who deleted my request to use the cut tag in shootingstar315's entry in which she posted 7 quizzes.

If it was the community moderator, fine.

If it was you, shootingstar315, I would appreciate an apology because there was no reason to do it. You may not think there's a problem with posting a bunch of quizzes once in a while, but there are some of us out there who don't like them, think they're a waste of space and load time, and would prefer not to see them cluttering up the community. There was a problem with a bunch of images - some large - being posted here in the past, and some folks made another community out of courtesy towards those who weren't here just to look at pics.

If people want to take polls, fine. It's your right. But is it really asking too much for people to be courteous towards others and at least put the results behind a cut tag? Posting numerous polls also tends to result in others making new entries for their poll answers as well, and that only makes the clutter worse. People could just reply to the initial one.

If you can't accept that some people here would rather not see the polls and can't even be bothered to do a simple thing like putting them behind a cut tag, maybe you should just put them in your own journal. I'm here to talk about U2 and find out information I might not have known. I don't care about quizzes that tell me which member you're like, what tour you are, what instrument you are, what song you are, what kind of fan you are, what album you are, how likely you are to have sex with what member, etc.
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