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Been listening to my boot from my Buffalo Elevation of many parts I always enjoy listening to:
"......gentle now, gentle now. Hush. It's all right. This is a really fast one. I love fast dancing with you, mate. Check it out. Look after him. He's all right. He's just a little overweight, for flying. You know what I'm saying? You, you weren't designed to fly friend. All right." God, I love that! For those of you who don't know, at the Buffalo show, Bono let this dude up onstage (and yes, he was overweight, big whoop, I am too! :p), anyhoo, the guy was so psyched! He was grinning proudly and holding onto Bono and then pumped his fists/arms in the air. Then he decided to take a dive off the stage and into the heart!!! The look on Bono's face is just priceless. He's wide-eyed, and then he puts his head in his hands and shakes it. Then he just laughs and makes those comments about the guy not being built for flight. ;) LOL. I remember when I was at the concert going okay, WTF just happened? And then I get to relive it via the audio/video boots.

Gotta love U2. :D

Anyone else in this community go to that concert, 5/31/01?
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