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"Give me that guitar" ;)

An excellent article that appeared in today's Mirror here in the UK as posted at
Make sure you read it all, especially the bit about Edge trying to get a lend of a guitar! :)

We loved Daniel Day Lewis before, but now that he's helped raise over EUR200,000 for the Make A Wish Foundation, we love him even more. Daniel came up with the charity premiere idea as he is a long-term friend of Make A Wish committee member John McHugo.

And not only did he make sure all his Hollywood pals came for the premiere, Daniel also had a hands-on role in organising the event.

A pal told 24/7: "Daniel was at a whole lot of the committee meetings in the run-up to the event, contributing ideas and helping people make sure the event ran smoothly.

"He's a really down-to-earth guy and he'd always promised John that one day he would do something big for the Make A Wish Foundation.

"And in fairness, you couldn't really get bigger than Leonardo DiCaprio and U2.

"It was funny too though because the idea of a kiss from Daniel and Leonardo as an auction prize only came up at the last minute too.

"Daniel said he would do it if Leo did -- but even then only if his wife Rebecca didn't mind.

"Happily Rebecca gave him the go-ahead and the kisses from Daniel and Leo were given to Nicky Parker for EUR17,000."

"It's well known that Daniel hates doing interviews and press -- he doesn't go to showbiz parties or anything like that, preferring to spend his time with Rebecca and their two kids.

"But he really pulled out all the stops on Thursday, chatting to the press, giving interviews and hanging out at the dinner and party.

WE all know by now that the Edge proved himself to be a real star at the Gangs of New York charity premiere by bidding EUR85 to turn four-year-old cancer patient Alice Dillon into a fairy princess for the day.

But we are sad to report that a similar generosity wasn't shown to the superstar guitarist when he needed an instrument to fulfil his auction promise of a serenade.

Our insider revealed: "The prize of a serenade was only decided on at the very last minute really.

"It was only thrown around at the Make A Wish Foundation meeting the night before the premiere.

"Bono and the Edge agreed to perform as part of the auction but they only found out about it on the actual day.

"So when everyone as at dinner in the Burlington Hotel, the Edge was worried because he didn't have a guitar.

"Someone was sent over to ask the jazz band that were playing the background music during the meal if the Edge could borrow the guitar for his performance.

"But the guy said he had just put a new bridge into his instrument and didn't want anyone else playing it -- even if it was the Edge."

The situation was rescued by cabaret band the Camembert Quartet whose guitarist kindly gave the Edge the loan of his instrument.

The Camembert Quartet were also behind the idea for the U2 members' performance of "The Hands That Built America" -- and learned off the tune in just ONE HOUR.

Our source said: "The cabaret band, run by Paddy Cullivan, had previously performed with U2 at one of their album launches so they were playing it pretty cool.

"But they saw that the lads had performed the song from the film at the New York premiere and decided to learn it off just in case.

"They actually learned it on the day of the show in just an hour and then Paddy told someone at the dinner what they had done.

"So word got round to Bono that the band were ready and willing and the U2 guys were only too happy to oblige.

"It was a special moment for the audience because it was U2 up close and personal -- like a really intimate gig.

"But Paddy and the lads were taking it all in their stride -- they were even joking around saying U2 were big fans of theirs and had bought copies of the band's album Music is War.
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