GlitterKittyKid (glitterkittykid) wrote in u2,

CD Labels:

I just got my printer and scanner hooked up and have been making copies of all my CD's. I ussually listen to my CD's in the car so they get really scrated up.

Anyways.. I copied POP and really wanted the same thing on it as what's on the real CD.. after searching for TWO HOURS I got a bright idea.. why don't I scan the CD?

The scan turned out wonderful and I opened the image on my cd label software. It fit on the template PERFECTLY! I then had this really cool silver metallic glittery cd paper and thought that'd look cool.

IF I do say so myself.. my version looks much cooler than theres.. and the funny part is.. all the island record symbol looks real all the copyright and licensing is on it.. haha.. ..

I'm probably breaking a law!

I just thought you'd enjoy my information.. I'm making all my u2 labels look authentic!
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