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Taken from my own journal

I see two U2 shows listed for Oakland, one on Thursday, 11/15 and the other on Friday, 11/16! I'd love to go to both, but considering how dead I was at work today, I'm probably just going to try to get one for Friday night. $45 for one in the "Upper Level Rear" which is behind the stage and will probably have a bit of an obstructed view, but just being there is worth it to me.

Damn damn damn...I think my car insurance is due to be taken out of my account tomorrow, or maybe not. It was taken out on the 27th last month, but the 30th the month before. If it goes out on the 30th this month, I should have this week's paycheck in there by then. I guess if State Farm tries to do the auto payment before that, it'll just not go through and I'll have a little penalty fee or something like that.

Screw it -- I'm getting that ticket now.


And I got one! Wooohoooo!
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