Crash Bandicoot (secretworld) wrote in u2,
Crash Bandicoot


well, i was right about one thing. people who have a favorite band tend to share a collective taste. for those of you who dont want to surf through comments, i got a lot of the beatles and david bowie, quite a bit of REM and queen, and also a great many saying weezer and the police. a lot of classic, traditional stuff but also a big emphasis on up and coming promises to success. learned a lot about coldplay, as quite a few are fans, and i see the solid roots where u2 fans could make that leap. was impressed to see howie day and tori amos to show up, and the eurthymics. a lot of others were mentioned as well, some of which i have never heard but plan on downloading. as for me....

i am a huge stevie nicks fan. fleetwood mac is right up there with divinity.... i also told a lot of you where i agreed, especially those of you who brought REM into the discussion. i love tom petty, bruce hornsby, and i even like vanessa carlton. (i am a first year college student, and you will not hear me ranting about the non-talented prospects of brittany and christina... justin and nick... no no no) dashboard, old dave matthews, guster, elton john... i even have a fair amount of respect for eminem. no, really.

its been most wonderful getting to know some of you from the community more. i have been hoping to expand my friends list and extend my musical horizons, and i got to do both in one shot :D
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