Dr. Who (hapavox) wrote in u2,
Dr. Who

"New Songs?"

I think the coolest thing about the biggest band in the world and all the hype associated with such are song titles and songs that eventually leak out before all hell breaks loose with the announcement of a new offical album and official album title, release. I've tracked down the band over the years and kept tabs on some things people forget every now and then. Here are possible NEW SONGS and WORKING TITLES for the NEXT ALBUM expected in FALL/WINTER 2004 according to some reports:

1."Full Metal Jacket"--Said to be a very guitar driven demo thus far. I read a report somewhere where Bono was just mind boggled by Edge's guitar on this early tune. Oddly enough named after a bullet and also a film by the late great director Stanley Kubrick.

2."All Because of You"--I haven't read anything on this one. I think the working title is too cheesy. We don't want to see another "All I Want Is You" part 2 on this song title.

3."Origin(al) of the Species"--This song title has been floating around since 1996 or even 1997 during the POP sessions. Will we finally see this song?

4."Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own"--A song that Bono and The Edge have performed for the late Bob Hewson's funeral. Ode to Bono's dad perhaps making the next album?

5."One Step Close to Knowing"--Wouldn't we all want to be in this world?

6."You Can't Give Away Your Heart"--Sounds too cliche. I think they'll change the title for this one eventually.

7."A Man's A Man"--This title definitely won't make the record for politically in-correct purposes. It would fit perfectly on a Henry Rollins album!!!

8."I Love You(We Love You)"--A song that was performed live during an Elevation Tour show in Europe. I heard an Mp3 of this live. Sounds very jazzy much like "If You Wear That Velvet Dress" or "In a Little While". May probably see the light of day in some format with new musical arrangement.

There you have it. My synopsis of possible WORKING TITLES and songs that U2 are working on. As usual there are more yet to be uncovered and probably won't be. Obviously there are also more from the band's glorious past with titles that probably never took form like "Nosejob"(from Zooropa sessions), "Bulldozer"(from ATYCLB sessions), "Hymn To the Universe"(from POP sessions), "Down All The Days"(from Achtung Baby sessions which a snippet of was sung by Bono at the end of a live take of "Beautiful Day" from an Italian radio session promo appearance in 2000), and countless others I've read about but can't remember. As usual with U2, we shall see what happens. EXPECT NOTHING BUT THE BEST. U2004</i>.
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