Blue Jaclyn (jackieblue) wrote in u2,
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"There is a silence that comes to a house when no one can sleep."

I like that lyric. Says a lot to me. I love the whole song, really...

Why does U2 speak so much to so many? Why can't my poetry sound as good as this? Why can't my life be as beautiful as the music that runs through my head? Why do I think I'm addicted to U2? I'm not like a lot of you die-hard fans, who know every single itty-bitty thing about the band and the music...there is a lot I don't know, but I still love their music...

U2 is more than "The Greatest Rock Band In The World" - they are beautiful people, inside and out, and their music says so much - no matter what your interpretation of the music and lyrics, the songs say *something* to everyone who listens.
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