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Just some commnets on the boys.....

Any noticed that in the years since Live Aid Bono's accent has slowly faded away? Second is it just me or was the relationship between BOno and Frank Sinatra one sided? Ol Blue Eyes didn't seem to hold Bono is as much high regard as Bono did. Here's a simple question: Bono: Better with short hair or long hair (think IGWSHAQ video to something like The Fly hehe). I peraonlly think the short hair looks much better on him. God forbid the mullets.

When will someone nominate Bono for the Nobel Peace Prize? I mean Jimmy gets 200k a year plus a secret service detail and an office staff to do peace work.

More questions.... If you could be at any U2 live event, which one would it be? (not counting the live private show in your living room heh).

When I moved into my new apartment here in midtown Atlanta, I had a small dilema. Everyone use to rag on me for having nearly every inch of my walls in my previous residents covered in U2 posters etc. So I have this nice big walk in closet now and one wall is covered floor to ceiling with t-shirts, posters, records, and yes a picture of the lemon. :)

okay thats nuff wallering int he greatness that is U2. Why are we so obsessed?
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