when all words fail she speaks (i_love_cows) wrote in u2,
when all words fail she speaks

I was debating whether this belongs in the Tori Amos community or the U2 one... and I decided to choose you guys. Tori Amos was on a radio show in Austria this past Sunday, and she basically was the DJ, playing all of her favorite songs. Here's her last choice, I thought you guys might find it interesting.

"When I hear this guy sing with the guitar that is married to his voice, sometimes I just feel a sense of a perfect marriage and I think for women hearing this song it was kind of every woman that I know anyway felt it was autobiographical although it wasn't written about us - any of us. But "Running to Stand Still" was something that a lot of us felt like we were doing at the time when it happened and they were just able to describe what it was like being a woman at that time and they're these guys. just because they observed in a woman what they knew so this is U2 from the Joshua Tree album. (U2's "Running to Stand Still" plays) So that's about it for me. I'm Tori Amos and i've been in the Guest Room playing some of my favorite songs and now i really do have to run."
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