Dr. Who (hapavox) wrote in u2,
Dr. Who

She wore LEMON...

Besides NY Post columnist's, Dan Aquilante, horrible bash of Bono in this past weeks paper..I found another disgruntled being! Singer KELIS who opened up for U2 over the summer in select European shows, went on to describe her experience as..."seriously bizarre!" She also claims, "there were many people there, but they had not really come to see me?!". I suppose Kelis wasn't being sarcastic when she stated that either..

I think that's why it's called an OPENING ACT slot! Besides, who cares about Kelis anyway? In my opinion she's NOT in the caliber of top acts who have opened up on the ELEVATION TOUR thus far. Top musicians/performers such as PJ HARVEY, STEREOPHONICS, GARBAGE and NO DOUBT had/have the opening slot for our Dublin Boys. I heard rumours over this past summer that Kelis was originally hired by U2 and their management to open up some gigs in Europe last spring because MACY GRAY(a Bono fave.) could not sign-on because of previous commitments. In a sense, Kelis was really a last minute fill-in! Overall, most people pay and show up to see a U2 show. The opening act is cool, but that's really all it is! U2 are the MAIN ATTRACTION and that should be perfectly clear to everyone on-hand that night..
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